• This machine is fully automatic. This allows you to concentrate on the important aspects of hay making i.e.: Moisture content, weight etc... We have a control panel that sits at your fingertips at the tractor. This allows you to do two things. Firstly we have a tip override for use on corners (stops fanning of the pack) and secondly manual override buttons.

      To combat the problems involved with weight we can, as an optional extra, incorporate scales into the accumulator (they can be retrofitted at a later date). The mechanical tailgate which is unique to this machine provides a superior pack quality.

      With many height adjustable systems in place we are sure to fit this accumulator behind any small square baler (including centre line balers). A heavy duty RHS frame on body and table coupled with a galvanised floor and a simple hard wired electrical system (no computer) ensure durability and exceptional reliability. Greasable pivot points make for longevity in wear parts. With a generous 500mm of grace and no unnecessary guides to intrude on the bales this system should not foul for those occasional long or short bales. Flotation tyres come as standard for less impact on the ground and also a better ride for the bales.

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