This machine is fully automatic so you can sit back and allow the accumulator to work without any hassle.
This allows you to concentrate on the important aspects of hay making i.e.: Moisture content, weight etc....
To combat the problems involved with weight we can, as an optional extra, incorporate scales into the
accumulator . Don’t worry if you decide not to include a set of scales at the time of purchase as they can be retro fitted at a later date.
The mechanical tailgate which is unique to this machine provides a superior pack quality.
With many height adjustable systems in place we are sure to fit this accumulator behind any small square
baler (including centre line balers).
A heavy duty RHS frame on body and table coupled with a galvanized floor and a simple hard wired electrical system (no computer) ensure durability and exceptional reliability. Grease able pivot points make for longevity in wear parts.
With a generous 500mm of grace and no unnecessary guides to intrude on the bales this system should not
foul for those occasional long or short bales.
Flotation tyres come as standard for less impact on the ground and also a better ride for the bales.
We have a control panel that sit at your finger tip at the tractor. This allows you to do two things. Firstly we
have a tip override for use on corners (stops fanning of the pack) and secondly manual override buttons.


The Side arm assembly is designed to enable optional hydraulic operation(upon installation of an additional hydraulic ram). This enables the operator to load hay easily on either side of an obstruction i.e. tailgate. The side
arm is on the right hand side to improve visibility and operator comfort, with left hand arm available on request.
With solid drive axles and 13mm high tensile steel spears for strength an reliability. Add this to a heavy duty head stock and body all with a 12 month warranty this grab will be around for a while.
Comes standard with 1.5m long hydraulic hoses with 1/2” male quick release couplings.
Side shift is available on request.
We don’t include the quick hitch lugs as standard for the simple fact that there is just a far to big of a gap between the price of some hitches. (i.e. $150-$850) .
We just charge for the lugs and weld them on for free. If you supply the lugs we will also weld them on for free.

10 foot gal top MD Slasher

Heavy Duty Slashers

8, 10 and 12 foot slashers
By far these models are very popular and have proven themselves over many years. Designed for demanding agricultural, commercial and industrial mowing applications.

• Farms
• Commercial Lots
• Industrial Sites
• Groves or Orchards
• Wildlife Management Areas
Highest maximum cutting capacity ratings in their respective size classes.
Smooth, obstruction free underside of the deck for efficient material flow through the cutting chamber.
Deep decks to handle larger volumes of material more easily.
Come standard with 130 hp gearboxs for the extra power and the extra clearance under the deck.
Tractor horse power range from 75 hp to 130 hp.
Like our single rotor slasher you can expect the quality manufacturing that has made us successful for many years.
Still with the 5 mm galvanised deck and all the safety chains and clutches to make it a tough slasher.
With many of the same features of the smaller units you still get reversible skids and blades.
Can add rear wheel kit/s.

Medium Duty Slashers

6 and 7 Foot Slashers
The Muller ranges of medium duty slashers are known for their reliability and durability that are built for Australian conditions with a 5 mm galvanised reinforced deck and an additional plating of 10 mm under the gearbox.
With as standard a 75 hp gearbox that has been tested over many years of service. Can spec up to a 100 hp or even a 130 hp for those tougher jobs. Tractor horse power range 50 hp to 100.
An eight inch heavy duty safety clutch is fitted as standard for that extra protection for your drive line.
Step down double sided blades for extra clearance between the deck for better flow and to reduce the risk of the cutter bar hitting objects. The blades are reversible so you can get twice as long out of your blade set.
Reversible skids for a longer life.
Top link chains to rear of slasher allowing the deck to float over undulating terrain.
Adjustable cut heights.
Front and rear chain stone guards.
Can add rear wheel kit/s.

6 foot gal top MD Slasher

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